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Hello Fashion People!
Following the last month, full of fashion events around the world, I’ve decided to dedicate this article to fashionable street style and what can we learn from it…
Fashion weeks are the best source of inspiration, but there is one thing that I couldn’t figure out: what is more inspiring and indicative in terms of fashion tendencies: catwalk or street style? Maybe ten years ago I wouldn’t have asked this question, but nowadays, the fashion industry is not as it used to be…

Firstly, I can’t hold back from showing you my selection of outfits that I chose for myself, considering the fact that I needed to be comfortable enough for running between the shows since they took place in different locations around Manhattan.
I want to also discuss with you the most notable street style trends that I spotted during the week.

helen yarmak nyfw ss16 crown building

nyfw ss16 tulle skirt strret style trendsnyfw ss16 street style fashion review Photo credit : @kevaind and @david_goodman_photos

nyfw ss16 trends review street style

And now to the most interesting part :

Trend Alert # 1
Back in Time with fashion

I think there is nothing better than using the past to recreate the future!
I won’t be showing you the 70’s effect, but you have to trust me that there is nothing hotter than the 70’s these days.
I would like to focus on continuation of the  70’s trend, the 80′s and 90‘s  that are very popular in designer collections and street style.
I am sure that we will be using a lot of 70′s, 80′s and 90′s inspiration for our outfits in the near future .
For more reading and inspiration about the 70’s click here

80s 90s street style nyfw

Trend Alert #2 
Comical Prints

I was pleasantly surprised to see other fashionistas choosing this print,  together we can  officially  make it declared as a trend !

comical prints trend nyfw

Trend Alert #3
Stripes are everywhere

Vertical and horizontal colorful or rainbow stripes  were very popular, so my prediction  is that you need to get some stripes for SS16

stripes color street style trendsTrend Alert #4
High – waisted wide leg pants 

Nothing new but this time it looks like they are  gaining  some momentum…

High waisted wide leg pants cullotes

Trend Alert #5 
Put your shirt backwards

I’ve been doing it for years and not only with shirts, also with my dresses , I love to wear  my skirts as a dress (btw the dress I am wearing in trend #2 is actually a pencil skirt )

backwards shirt trend alert nyfw street style

Trend Alert #6
Bright and colorful prints and graphics 

It felt like a circus but a pretty one 🙂 Start looking for colorful  abstract print items to make your wardrobe to look happy 🙂

colorful prints graphics trendTrend #7  
Unique big clutches
Little tiny purses/bags
  (you can take 2 0f them if you want )
Taking two bags at once is another way for us to be trendy these days

unique cltuches trendtiny little bags purses trend
Trend #8
Matching Clothes – Your friend is your best accessory

This trend looks more  like a gimmick to attract some attention,  but  from another hand,  it’s something new , different and interesting to observe…
matching clothes trend
Hope you will find these trends relevant  and applicable for you…
Just remember , these trends may come and go, the only thing that stays the same is good taste and creativity !

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